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Hourly News 2011-02-11

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28 dead, over 200 wounded in Syria's Aleppo blast
At least 28 people have been killed and over 200 wounded in Syria in twin bombings that targeted security and law-enforcement bases in the country's northern Aleppo city.
At least 19 government troops are among the dead, including 11 security agents.
11 of the troops died in the first explosion at a military security compound and 8 law-enforcement members in the second attack against a barrack.
No one has claimed responsibility so far, but the government blamed the blasts on armed groups backed by foreign plots, and a research is underway.
The explosions are the first in Aleppo.

Three South Korean tourists held by locals in Egypt's Sinai
A police officer says three South Korean tourists and their Egyptian guide have been held by local Bedouins in Egypt's South Sinai.
The officer says the abduction was carried out by armed locals in an area where two American tourists had been briefly kidnapped earlier this month.
This is the third kidnapping on the Sinai peninsula since the end of January.

Maldives ex-president vowes to continue street fights until fresh election
Predicting a continuation of ongoing political turmoil in the Indian ocean islands of Maldives, former President Mohamed Nasheed has vowed to continue street protests until a presidential election is announced.
Nasheed, while awaiting an arrest warrant following one of the worst street protests in Maldives' history, said what they are pushing for is the election.
Nasheed who claimed that he was ousted in a military coup backed by the former regime also said that the street fights would continue even if he is arrested.
Capital Male and a few other inhabited islands in the Maldives have seen protests, violence and political instability since Tuesday after Nasheed's vice president Mohamed Waheed Hassan took over as president.

Mainland pledges continuing support to Taiwan businesses
The Chinese mainland says it will continue to safeguard the legitimate interests of Taiwanese businesses and work to ensure their development in a long-term and sustainable manner.
Wang Yi, director of the Taiwan Work Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), says his office will work with all levels of government administrations and organs to help Taiwanese tackle difficulties in business.
He says faced with a new situation in 2012, the Chinese mainland will adhere to its policies on the work of Taiwan and continue to promote the peaceful development of relations across the Taiwan Strait.

China's yuan rises to new high against USD
The Chinese Renminbi recently rose to a new high against the U.S. dollar today.
It strengthened by 72 basis points to stand at 6.2937 against the U.S. dollar.
It is the first time the RMB broke the 6.3 mark since China's central bank announced it will further reform the formation mechanism of the yuan exchange rate to improve its flexibility.
The RMB has appreciated by 7.82 percent during the period.

China vows upgraded food safety risk monitoring
China will tighten food safety risk monitoring on dairy and meat products, as well as food additives and alcohol this year.
Health Minister Chen Zhu says food-related use of banned pesticides, veterinary medicine, and illegal additives, will also be targeted.
He was speaking to reporters about the key tasks of food safety risks control for 2012.
Meanwhile, the minister said China will increase monitoring of radiation levels in food in response to the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan.

China simplifies procedures for those seeking state compensation
The Supreme People's Court, the nation's top court, has unveiled a judicial explanation to simplify registration procedures for eligible claimants who have had their rights infringed upon by the state.
The 11-article explanation, to be effective on February 15, 2012, requires courts to date claimants' applications and abandon lengthy application standards in a bid to ensure their cases are handled in a timely fashion.
China adopted amendments to the State Compensation Law on April 30, 2010. The amendments, which took effect on Dec. 1, 2010, allow a citizen to seek state compensation if his interests are harmed through state negligence.

China Plans to Implement Real Name System for Express Delivery
China plans to implement a real name system for express delivery.
The move would mean customers would need to show their ID to use express delivery.
Since the Hangzhou Yuantong Express bombings last year, China has been trialling the real-name system for express mail in East China's Zhejiang Province
Some netizens based in the region are saying that the policy has not been easy to implement, since couriers cannot check carefully during the peak time.