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Hourly News 2013-02-24

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CPC Central Committee to hold 2nd plenum
The Second Plenum of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) will be held in Bejing from Feb. 26 to Feb. 28, according to a decision by members of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee on Saturday.
Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, presided over the meeting.
A draft on institutional restructuring and function transformation of the State Council, China's Cabinet, was discussed during the meeting. It was agreed that efforts will be made to achieve simpler and decentralized administration as well as push forward institutional reform.
Participants vowed to attach greater importance to the transformation of government functions. They said more efforts should be made to improve administrative efficiency and the socialist market economic system.

Egyptian president reschedules election date over Copts' objection
Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has rescheduled the parliamentary elections date for its conflict with the Coptic feasts.
According to a presidential decree, the parliamentary elections, previously scheduled to begin on April 27, have been brought forward to start on April 22.
The elections will take place in four stages and last for three months.

53 killed, 83 injured in tribal clashes in Sudan's North Darfur
At least 53 people were killed and 83 others injured Saturday in fresh tribal clashes at Al- Siraif locality in Sudan's North Darfur state.
Similar tribal clashes took place in early January, leaving some 100 people dead.
Iran hopes P5+1 enter nuclear talks with "new strategy, valid proposals": nuclear negotiator
Iran's chief nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili says Iran hopes the so-called P5+1 group, comprising Britain, China, France, Russia, the United States and Germany, come to the upcoming nuclear talks with "new strategy and valid proposals,"
Making the remarks in an annual conference of the Iranian Managers of Nuclear Industry, Jalili says Iranians do not accept " less rights or more tasks."
Iran is committed to its tasks within the directives of Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and insists on all its rights within the framework of the NPT regulations.
Jalili's remarks come ahead of Iran's upcoming nuclear talks with the P5+1 slated for Feb. 26 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. It would be the first-of-its-kind meeting between Iran and the P5+1 since the stalemate in Moscow in June 2012.

Migrant workers invited to prominent holiday gala
Four migrant workers were invited to a high profile gala on Saturday evening, which was once mainly reserved for distinguished intellectuals.
Chinese leaders including Xi Jinping were present at the event organized by the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee to mark the Lantern Festival.
New guests to this year's show also include representatives from different sectors and model workers.
China has 260 million migrant workers by 2012. They usually leave their hometown to seek employments in urban areas.
The Lantern Festival falls on Sunday this year and traditionally marks the end of the Spring Festival season.

Vice Premier pledges support for China's SMEs
Vice Premier Zhang Dejiang says development support will be provided to China's small and medium-sized enterprises.
During his two-day inspection tour in the northern port city of Tianjin , Zhang Dejiang called for favorable policies and market environment, as well as better social services and publicity for SMEs.
The vice premier says he believes the development of SMEs and private businesses will help the country achieve common prosperity and build itself into a moderately prosperous society.

Chinese liquor giants fined for price fixing
Chinese top two liquor makers Kweichew Moutai and Wu Liangye were fined a total of 449 million yuan (71.41 million U.S dollars) for price fixing, according to local price regulators.
The Guizhou-based Moutai and Sichuan-based Wu Liangye were ordered to pay 247 and 202 million yuan in fines, respectively, according to statements from local price regulators.

China's 2013 growth to reach 8.23 pct: report
Economic growth is expected to pick up 0.43 percentage points from last year to reach 8.23 percent in 2013, according to a report released Saturday.
The report compiled by Xiamen University and the Economic Information Daily, a subsidiary of the Xinhua News Agency says although global monetary easing has to some extent piled up inflationary pressure for China, the economy will not see serious price hikes this year.
It projects the rate of inflation at 3.11 percent for 2013, up from 2.6 percent last year.

Warmer weather on the way for China
China will experience higher temperatures across the country over the next few days.
The Central Meteorological Center says temperatures will be 1 to 3 degrees Celsius higher than last year in most regions except some areas in northeast China from Saturday to Tuesday.