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Hourly News 2013-03-12

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Xi urges armed forces' loyalty, discipline


Communist Party of China chief Xi Jinping is calling on the PLA to sharpen up its fighting capacity.

Xi Jinping has made the call while meeting with a delegation from the People's Liberation Army at the ongoing national legislative session.

He has told the group that Chinese soldiers should be at full military readiness to ensure victory in any wars.

Xi Jinping has also told the military delegation the Army has to be frugal, and make full-use of the government's military spending.



Seven rescued in NE China colliery flood


18 miners remain trapped following a cave-in at a mine in Heilongjiang.

The cave-in is believed to have been brought on by flooding in the mine in the city of Hegang, which is around 300-kilometers northeast of the provincial capital Harbin, near the border with Russia.

7 miners caught up in the cave-in have been rescued.

Searchers are still trying to reach those still trapped.



5.2-magnitude quake hits Xinjiang


A series of relief materials are on their way to Xinjiang following a moderate earthquake there yesterday.

A 5.2-magnitude quake hit yesterday morning at 11am in the western region of Xinjiang near the city of Artux.

The quake, which hit at a shallow depth of less than 10-kilometers, creating shakes strong enough to damage over 450 homes in the township of Karajol.

No casualties have been reported.



U.S. slaps fresh sanctions on DPRK bank, individuals


The US government has brought down new sanctions on North Korea.

The Obama administration is targeting a primary foreign exchange bank and four individuals for their alleged role in North Korea's nuclear and missile programs.

The sanctions specifically target the Foreign Trade Bank in Pyongyang along with four senior officials in the North Korean government.

The Foreign Trade Bank and the four individuals are accused of facilitating nuclear proliferation activities.

The move comes in response to North Korea invalidating its 1953 Armistice agreement, along with cutting off its hotline with South Korea this Monday, which hasn't been confirmed by the North.



Maduro registers as Venezuelan presidential candidate


Venezuela's Acting President Nicolas Maduro has formally registered for the forthcoming presidential election.

Maduro is going to be the candidate for the ruling United Socialist Party.

He is set to face opposition leader Henrique Capriles.

Capriles lost to Hugo Chavez in last year's presidential election.

The upcoming election has been called for April 14th.

Both candidates will have 10 days of pre-election campaigning.



U.S. expels Venezuelan diplomats in retaliation


The US government has expelled two Venezuelan diplomats.

The move is retaliation for Venezuela's expulsion of two U.S. military attaches last week.

The Americans were kicked out of Venezuela just hours before the announcement of the death of President Hugo Chavez.

Venezuelan government expelled the military attaches on accusations they were involved in illegal acts meant to try to destabilize the country.

The government of Venezuela is also accusing the US of being behind the cancer which led to Chavez's death.

While the United States and Venezuela maintain official diplomatic ties, the two countries have not had ambassadors in one-another's country since 2010.



British Queen signs Commonwealth Charter


Queen Elizabeth has signed the Commonwealth Charter in London.

The Queen says the Charter "represents a significant milestone."

The Charter outlines 16 different fundamentals for being a member of the Commonwealth, including things such as Democracy, Human rights, International peace and security.

The six-page document was agreed to by all 54 Commonwealth Heads of Government in December.

British government considers it an important part of its modernization process and a milestone for the Commonwealth.