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Hourly News 2013-03-13

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21 killed in colliery accident in SW China

21 miners have been killed and 4 others are missing after an explosion in a coal mine in Guizhou overnight.
The blast ripped through the mine last night around 8pm at a coal mine in the city of Liupanshui, which is located about 150-kilometers west of the provincial capital Guiyang.
58 others underground at the time managed to make it out safely.
Officials are now trying to figure out what caused the explosion.

14 dead, 8 injured in China bus crash

Fourteen people have died and eight others injured in a bus crash in Hubei province.
Two of the injured are in critical condition.
The accident happened Tuesday evening after a sleeper coach plunged off a bridge on the Yangtze River.
The vehicle was carrying 22 people.
Authorities are working to identify the victims, most of whom were migrants.

China's Foreign Ministry on cyber security and NK nuke issue

Meanwhile, the Chinese government has also issued its response to Donilon's comments suggesting cyber security is a growing challenge to the Sino-US relationship.
Foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying says in opposition to turning cyberspace into a battlefield, China is calling for Internet rules and cooperation.
Last month, a private U.S. computer security company released a study accusing a secretive Chinese military unit of being behind a series of hacking attacks on a wide range of American industries.

S. Korea urges DPRK not to void armistice agreement

Meanwhile, Hua Chunying also reaffirmed China's opposition to Pyongyang's nuclear tests, and committed to determining peaceful means for achieving the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.
The Chinese government's response comes on the heels of the US new sanctions against North Korea's Foreign Trade Bank, the country's main foreign exchange institution.
The US government accuses the bank of supporting nuclear weapons proliferation.
The South Korean government has issued a formal response to North Korea's decision to scrap the 60-year old armistice, which brought an end to the fighting in the Korean War.
North Korea has declared the truce invalid as of this week.

60 killed by homemade alcohol in Libya

60 people have died after drinking homemade alcohol in Libya, most of them in the capital Tripoli.
Libya's Health Ministry says more than 700 people are suffering from alcohol poisoning.
Authorities say many of them are in intensive care.
The illegal concoction is known as Boukha, meaning water of life in the local dialect.
It is believed the home-made brew contained methanol, which can cause blindness, kidney failure, seizures and even death.
The consumption and sale of alcohol is banned in the North African country, even though it is available on the black market.






Syria denies declaration of general mobilization

Syrian state media is refuting reports the Syrian army has declared a state of general mobilization.
While denying the reports, State TV is broadcasting a message suggesting "military service is a sacred duty."
Talks of general mobilization began on Friday after prominent Sheikh Said Ramadan al-Bouti called on the country's grand Mufti to declare a general alert.

Egypt refuses 750 million USD urgent aid loan from IMF

Egypt has refused an urgent aid loan from the International Monetary Fund estimated at 750 million U.S dollars.
Egypt's Finance Minister says the loan being offered carries too much risk to the national economy.
The Egyptian government has been trying to secure a 4.8-billion dollar loan from the IMF.
Egypt's cash-strapped economy is expected to run a deficit of some 26 billion U.S. dollars through the current fiscal year.
Political unrest in the country over the past couple of years has taken a severe toll on the country's once-lucrative tourism sector.

Brazil announces tax breaks to spur communications growth

Brazil has announced 20-to-80 percent tax cuts for television, broadband and mobile Internet businesses as an incentive to expand the country's communication network.
In return for the tax breaks, the companies are required to purchase local materials and invest in less developed regions of Brazil.
The tax cuts are expected to bring in more than 9 billion U.S. dollars in new investment over the next few years.

Oldest wooden pagoda has rain-proof revamp

A rain-proof renovation on the world's oldest existing wooden pagoda has been completed.
The revamp is intended to better preserve the 956-year-old Yingxian Pagoda in Shanxi province.
Renovation work began on the five-storied structure in 2011.
Local authorities are reviewing plans to reinforce the pagoda and programs to prepare it for a World Heritage application.