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Hourly News 2014-12-12

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China could hit 2014 growth targets "relatively well"

China's central authorities are expressing confidence that they've hit their growth targets for this year "relatively well."
The suggestion has been made in a document released following the conclusion of the annual Central Economic Work Conference here in Beijing.
The document also says the government is going to stick to a proactive fiscal policy and prudent monetary policy for the coming year.
The document adds China will accelerate reform in nine areas next year including the capital market and market access for private banks.
More effort will be made to transform the reforms into growth.

HK police clear Occupy sites, traffic resumes in Admiralty

Hong Kong authorities have cleared Occupy sites in Admiralty and got traffic in front of the government headquarters moving again before midnight.
The clearance followed injunction orders issued by the High Court of Hong Kong.
The operation barely met resistance and many protesters left the Occupy sites peacefully.
But still over 200 protesters were arrested after they ignored police appeals to withdraw from protest sites.
Police say they will start clearing the last remaining Occupy site at Causeway Bay in Hong Kong Island at an appropriate time.

Dozens killed in double bombing in Nigeria

A twin bomb attack has hit a busy area of the Nigerian city of Jos, killing at least 30 people.
The blasts targeted the city's commercial district, near the Terminus bus station.
Witnesses say the two bombs exploded in quick succession.
In recent years, suspected Boko Haram militants have attacked churches in the city.
Separately, police in Nigeria's second-largest city, Kano, say they have arrested a 13-year-old girl wearing a suicide belt.
On Wednesday, at least four people were reported killed and seven hurt in attacks by two female suicide bombers in Kano.

CIA boss defends post-9/11 strategy

CIA Director John Brennan has defended the agency's post-9/11 interrogation methods but admitted some techniques were "harsh" and "abhorrent".
Speaking at CIA headquarters, Brennan says some officers acted beyond their authority.
But he asserted the CIA "did a lot of things right" at a time when there were "no easy answers".
Brennan was responding to a scathing Senate report that concluded "brutal" methods like waterboarding were ineffective.
The revelations have sparked outrage and demands for justice around the world.

No French national dies in culture center attack in Kabul: FM

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius has announced that no French nationals were killed during the suicide attack rocking France's culture center in Kabul, Afghanistan.
Earlier in the day, a teenage suicide bomber blew himself up at French-built High School in downtown Kabul while hundreds of people gathered at the hall of the French cultural center.
At least one person was killed and 20 others were wounded.

UN Secretary-General urges leaders to deliver on climate change

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has urged delegates from more than 190 countries to deliver a draft ahead of the climate conference in Paris next year.
He made the call during the plenary session of the UN climate talks held in Peru's capital Lima.
Climate talks are set to seek a new worldwide deal to limit greenhouse gas emissions and keep global warming from causing irreversible damage.
Negotiators are trying to define the elements that should go into next year's deal, with disputes over money halting progress.
Ban has called on big carbon polluters to announce emissions targets for next year's conference in Paris.

India and Russia sign agreement to build 10 more nuclear reactors

Russian President Vladimir Putin has pledged to strengthen relations with India through an ambitious plan to help New Delhi build nuclear reactors.
Putin and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi have announced agreements in energy and defence, including a plan to manufacture advanced Russian military helicopters in India, and the possibility of exporting them to other countries.
Modi says the two countries agreed on the new Russian-built nuclear reactors to help India meet its burgeoning energy needs.

Police nab 44,000 in China's anti-drug war

Chinese police have arrested 44,000 suspects for drug-related crimes in the past two months, seizing more than 21 tons of various drugs.
About 180,000 drug users were also punished in the nationwide anti-drug campaign.
The southwestern province of Yunnan recorded the most drug crimes.
Police arrested over three thousand suspects and captured 5 tons of drugs in the province which neighbors Myanmar and Vietnam.

Taiwan extending visa-on-arrival to mainland tourists

Taiwan will extend a visa-on-arrival category to Chinese mainland tourists at three tourist destinations from Jan. 1, 2015.
The visa-on-arrival for mainlanders covers Jinmen, Matsu, and Penghu, three tourist destinations under Taiwan administration.
Taiwan authorities hope more mainlanders would take Taiwan as a transit point to other countries.
Local civil aviation authorities estimate that if mainland tourists use Taiwan as a transit point, Taiwan airports will see at least one million more arrivals and departures each year.