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French President Addresses Parliament Over Paris Attacks

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French President Francoise Hollande said on Monday that his country's constitution must be amended to better deal with national crises.


In a rare and somber address to both houses of the French parliament at Versailles, President Hollande said France needed major legal changes to ensure its national security.


Hollande said France should strip dual nationals of their French citizenship if they are convicted of terrorism, and that dual nationals who present security risks should be banned from entry into France.


"Nationality stripping should not be used to induce statelessness, but we should be able to remove someone's French nationality if they're found guilty of a violation of our nation's fundamental interests, or an act of terror, even if this person was born French. You heard me right, even if they are born French, if they have dual nationality."


Hollande also said he plans to increase national security spending, strengthen anti-terrorism laws and boost border controls.


Some detailed measures include the creation of 5,000 new jobs in the country's security forces and an addition of 2,500 in prison staff.


Hollande acknowledged some new regulations would break EU's budget rules, but he believed national security should be given priority.


"This will lead to higher spending, which I take responsibility for. But under these circumstances, I consider the security pact prevails over the stability pact."


The French President says he has requested meetings meet with U.S. President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin to form a coalition facing the terrorists in Syria.


He said France will now strengthen its military involvement in Syria.


Paris is set to hold the 2015 UN Climate Change Conference from November 30 to December 11. Hollande said plans for the conference will not change.


After Friday's attacks in Paris, a State of Emergency was declared in France. Hollande said Parliament will consider a bill to extend the State of Emergency for three months.


Hollande then stressed France's resolve in defeating terrorism.


"We will eradicate terrorism because the French want to continue to live together without fearing those next to them. We will eradicate terrorism because we are attached to freedom and France's influence in the world. Terrorism will not destroy the Republic because it is the Republic that will destroy it. Long live the Republic and long live France."


Parliament members welcomed the presidential address with a standing ovation, and concluded the event by singing the French national anthem.