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President Xi Jinping Visits China's National News Outlets

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Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday visited the country's three leading media providers and used the opportunity to give words of advice and encouragement to China's journalists.


While visiting the headquarters of the People's Daily, Xi used the paper's new media broadcasting system to extend Lantern Festival greetings to the public.


"Hello everyone, Chinese people's traditional festival, the Lantern Festival, is around the corner. I send my festival greetings to all of you. I hope you all can enjoy good health and that everything goes well with your work. I hope your families will enjoy happiness."


During his inspection of the general newsroom, President Xi, who is also the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, encouraged the staff to continue to improve the quality of the Party's flagship newspaper.


At Xinhua News Agency, China's state news agency, President Xi used Xinhua's remote news reporting command system to talk with an agency correspondent currently reporting from a village in Lankao County, Henan Province.


During the conversation, he said that the workstyle of grassroots cadres is integral to the Party's rule and is directly linked to the people's interests. He noted that journalists should undertake more in-depth investigative reporting on this workstyle.


"Grassroots cadres should be close to the people. Your research should also be done close to the people. I hope you can continue to deepen your research and to tell us real, comprehensive, and objective conditions over there, in order to help decide things in various regions."


While at Xinhua, President Xi was also briefed on the news agency's coverage procedures. He encouraged journalists to be more down to earth in their approach and to report on topics that interest the public.


The final stop on his media tour took Xi Jinping to the headquarters of China Central Televison, the state broadcaster. He visited the control room and made a video call to CCTV's Washington-based North America branch, which opened more than four years ago.


Xi praised the branch for its work and sent his greetings to the staff, 90 percent of whom are Americans.


"I see that your team is an international team. I hope you can report developments on the Chinese economy and society objectively and comprehensively, tell true stories of China, publicize Chinese culture, and build a friendly bridge with locals. I believe your work will be better and better."


Following the media tour, President Xi has presided over a symposium on the Party's media work.


He says the fundamental aim of the Party's media work is to strictly adhere to the Party's leadership.


He says that among the missions for news media run by the Party, it should serve the country's overall interests and work to connect China to the world.


The president noted that public supervision and positive publicity are two compatible functions of media. To do so, he urged media outlets to practice critical journalism based on accurate facts and objective analysis.


Calling for innovative concepts, content and methods, President Xi told media groups to make use of new media's edge in publicity work.


He also urged media groups to amplify their voices on the international stage, tell stories about China well and build flagship media groups with strong global influence.


Among the attendees of the symposium are the heads of the three media outlets, and about 180 media officials, as well as representatives of groups of journalists, editors and TV anchors.