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Chinese President calls for implementation of FOCAC promises

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Chinese President Xi Jinping has issued a call for the implementation of promises he made during last year's Forum on China-Africa Cooperation in South Africa.

The suggestion has been made as part of a message he's delivered to a meeting in Beijing this Friday to discuss how the promises he made in Johannesburg are going to be implemented.

In his note, Xi Jinping says Friday's meeting demonstrates to the world that China and Africa are committed to pursuing unity and cooperation.

Numerous African officials have attended the meetings in Beijing, which are meant to discuss how the 60-billion US dollar pledge by the Chinese government to Africa's development will be spent.


Last December's Summit in Johannesburg saw 10 major cooperation plans announced.


The plans over the next 3-years are to be backed by 60-billion US dollars from the Chinese side, 10-billion of which will be put into a fund to help African countries increase their industrial capacity.


Chinese state councilor Yang Jiechi says the programs are just the latest in a string of agreements reached between China and African countries.


"According to statistics, China and Africa have signed 243 deals worth over 50 billion US dollars. Chinese companies have over 46 billion US dollars in investments and loans in Africa. The prospect of China-Africa cooperation is good. It has great potential in its future development. "


Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi says one of the areas of focus is on agricultural development.


"The 10 billion US dollar China-Africa cooperation fund is flowing, and 5 billion US dollars of loans to small and medium sized African enterprises are in place. Nearly 10 Chinese financial institutes have provided financial aid to African countries."


The Foreign Minister of Chad, Moussa Faki Mahamat, says his country welcomes the idea of putting Chinese assistance into developing industrial capacity.


"China has the technology and willingness to help us reach our strategic goals. We should remain consistent in our decisions and make people-oriented development plans."


Since 2012, China has provided African countries with over 20 billion dollars in loans to support infrastructure, investment, small-and medium-sized businesses, agriculture and manufacturing.


Shi Jiyang, CEO of the China-Africa Development Fund, says these investments have done a lot to help the people of Africa.


"We have invested 87 projects in 36 countries, with a total amount surpassing 3.5 billion U.S. dollars. Those projects' implementation will further boost the investment to Africa worthy of over 17 billion dollars. They also increase African's exports and bring more job opportunities, which will be beneficial for over 1 million local employees, as well as their families and other citizens of relevant communities."