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Hourly News 2010-07-23

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Typhoon Chanthu kills two, affects one million people in south China
Two people have died in Guangdong province after the season's third typhoon, named Chanthu, made landfall.
Gale force winds blew over walls in Wuchuan city, killing two pedestrians.
Chanthu is also hammering several Guangdong cities with torrential rains.
In the port city of Maoming, a father and a son caught off guard by the approaching typhoon were stranded not far from shore when their fishing boat capsized.
Li Baitian is a local rescue official.
"As soon as the wind slows down, we will send our airship and emergency rescue team to bring them to safety."
Nearly 3000 houses have collapsed across the province, with economic losses estimated around 2.2 billion yuan, or 324 million dollars US.
Chanthu has now weakened to a tropical storm and has move onto the neighboring Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

Dalian oil supply operations resume as spill cleanup continues
China is racing to get oil shipments running again at Dalian's Xingang Harbor, as crews continue to clean up the spill which began when oil pipelines in the area exploded last week.
The ruptured pipeline connecting the Xingang Harbor to Dalian Petrochemicals has now been fixed and has resumed operations.
An oil tanker, scheduled to transport 35, 000 tonnes of crude, is now also waiting in the harbor—the first tanker to arrive since the spill began. Loading operations have not yet begun.

Serbia rejects court ruling that backs Kosovo's independence
Serbia's President Boris Tadic says Serbia will not recognize the independence of its former Kosovo province after the the International Court of Justice ruled Kosovo's 2008 secession was legal.
"Serbia, of course, will never recognize the unilaterally proclaimed independence of Kosovo, because we think that ethnically motivated secession is not in accordance with the principles of the United Nations."
The International Court of Justice in The Hague said in a non-binding ruling requested by Serbia, that Kosovo's secession from Serbia in 2008 did not violate international law.
After the ruling, Tadic said he will send special envoys to 55 countries to urge them not to recognize Kosovo.
Serbia lost control over Kosovo in 1999 when a 78-day NATO bombing campaign ended a two-year war between Serbia and ethnic Kosovo Albanians.

Venezuela severs relations with Colombia
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has severed diplomatic relations with its neighbor Colombia after Bogota accused Venezuela of harboring guerrillas.
Chavez made the announcement after Colombia presented to the Organization of American States or OAS in Washington photos and maps as evidence that 1,500 Colombian leftist guerrillas were hiding in Venezuelan territory.
Speaking live on state television as he hosted a visit by Argentine soccer idol Diego Maradona, Chavez said the United States had incited Colombian Ppresident Alvaro Uribe to attack Venezuela.
The Venezuelan leader said the United States is using Colombia to undermine Venezuela's efforts toward regional integration and said he was ordering "a maximum alert" on his country's border with Colombia.

China, Japan to start negotiation on East China Sea issue July 27
China and Japan are set to hold a new round of negotiations on the East China Sea Issue next week.
The East China Sea has been a point of contention for the two countries, as an officially recognized line of demarcation is yet to be agreed upon.
The potential for gas exploration makes the body of water strategically valuable.

Man threatening to jump off Expo building talked down by police
There was a tense five-hour standoff at the Shanghai expo, as police tried to negotiate with a man who was threatening to jump off the balcony at the Expo Cultural Center.
After five hours, the police finally managed to talk him out of jumping.
The man's identity and his reason for attempting to suicide are not yet known.
The shell-shaped Culture Center was the venue for the Expo's opening ceremony back in May.

China important to global economic stabilization: WTO's Lamy
Pascal Lamy, the director general of the World Trade Organization says China's strong economic growth and demand for imports are major factors in the stabilization of the global economy.
Lamy made the comments while speaking at the Shanghai Expo.
He said many economies had increased their exports to China during the global slowdown and that the Chinese market has now become vital for them.
China's economy expanded by 8.7 percent year on year in 2009, helping a number of economies climb out of recession.